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Dato: 9/11 2014 16:44 | Indlæg redigeret den: 9/11 2014 16:44

New and only group on FB!!!

En gruppe for færøske vegetarer og veganere. Besøgende på Færøerne og andre interesserede i den grønne livsstil er selvfølgelig også velkomne...

Formålet med gruppen er at samle færinger, som har vegetarisme og veganisme til fælles. Lad os dele viden og gode råd om livet som vegetar og veganer på Færøerne. Lad os gøre Færøerne grønnere!

A group for Faroese vegetarians and vegans. Visitors on the Faroe Islands and others interested in green living are of course also welcome...

The purpose of this group is to gather Faroese people who have vegetarianism and veganism in common. Let us share knowledge and good advice about life as vegetarian and vegan on the Faroe Islands. Let us make the Faroe Islands greener!

Spread the word if you know any Faroese veggies - and feel free to join us here! :)

Føroyskir vegetarar og veganarar

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Dato: 9/11 2014 23:58

Great initiative! Hope you grow strong! :-)
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Dato: 10/11 2014 16:16

Hope so too. We ´re growing slowly... It will probably be an up-hill struggle! ;)

Feel free to join us. We need all the support we can get.
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Dato: 12/11 2014 11:44 | Indlæg redigeret den: 12/11 2014 11:48

We already have 42 members - Faroese people living on and outside the Faroes, interested parties, people coming to visit and making enquiries, etc. And members are active already in three languages: Faroese, English and Danish! But... we badly need some more men!!! ;)

Feel free to join us! :)

Føroyskir vegetarar og veganarar

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Dato: 29/12 2014 23:49 | Indlæg redigeret den: 29/12 2014 23:49

Glad to say that we now have 75 people in our group: vegans, vegetarians and part-timers - including several men!

There is a good spirit in the group, and it´s nice to see people writing in Faroese (though not excluding Danish and English!). ;)

Several of the people live outside the Faroes so I´m not sure what the chances are of organizing activities. I have broached the subject of meeting for a meal, approaching restaurants about providing more veggie options and getting some material translated into Faroese. People are open to the idea, at least in theory...

It´s great to be able to share experiences and tips about food, LOCAL restaurants and shopping outlets, etc. We even have a local retailer in the group who is very open to selling veggie products. It´s also good to be able to share animal rights material.

Anyway, we´ll see how it goes. As I said before, feel free to join us! :)

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Dato: 17/6 2016 22:25 | Indlæg redigeret den: 17/6 2016 22:30

An update!

Our veggie-group has now grown to 148 members: vegans, vegetarians; flexitarians; meat-eaters interested in veggie alternatives, etc. The gender ratio in the group is not great though: males are definitely in the minority!

Over the past year, animal welfare/rights issues and veggie-living have received quite a bit of coverage: several double-page articles in national newspapers as well as a few magazine, radio and television interviews with animals rights activists, vegans and vegetarians.Several of those engaged belong to our veggie-group.
http://kvf.fo/netvarp/uv/2016/04/19/hugsa-um-heilsuna-djrini-og-umhvrvi#.V2RwELsrLIW (KVF - 16.min)
http://www.spreaker.com/user/brennandispurningar/partur-8-grind-og-veganisma (podcast, 62.min)
http://kvf.fo/netvarp/sv/2016/01/12/20160112runinielsen#.V2RxnLsrLIW (KVF, Dagur og Vika - 5.min)
http://kvf.fo/netvarp/sv/2015/10/20/dagur-vika#.V2Ry97srLIW (KVF, Dagur og Vika, starts at 15.min - 3.min)

Several new Faroese homepages have appeared:

Vegetarian and vegan options are also becoming easier to find. Members of our veggie-group recently compiled a public list of cafés and restaurants where it´s possible to buy vegan options. https://www.facebook.com/VeganararnirogVerdin/posts/990934880998013

A photo album of vegan foods available in supermarkets, etc.is also being compiled. Ecological and vegetarian products are widely available.

So little by little, things are changing! Just two days ago, I told a seven year old where I work that I didn´t eat meat. She replied (in Faroese!), "Are you a vegetarian?" I was amazed that she knew the word and understood what it meant! :)