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Dato: 11/11 2014 15:22 | Indlæg redigeret den: 11/11 2014 15:23

Wow! Just came on this great new site, set up by PETA. It is specifically aimed at Christians to inform them of the theological and biblical foundations for adopting a veg*an diet and becoming active with regard to animal cruelty. It also offers concrete advice.

Jesus People for Animals

Jesus People for Animals - Facebook

Who Are \'Jesus People for Animals\'? - Youtube (1.28.mins)

I´ve been dreaming of a resource like this!!! :)

Earthling 2
Forum-indlæg: 633
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Dato: 28/1 2015 15:35

The "Jesus People for Animals" site is inviting people to share how they became vegans and what motivate their vegan lifestyles.
These two inspiring people provide a taster! ;)

Mystique McDonald: A Vegan Christian’s Testimony

Kyle Sumner: A Vegan Christian’s Testimony (from hunter to vegan)