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Dato: 13/2 2018 14:52

Mobs: Marriage, arranged marriage, divorces, no sex before marriage,

Defeating; designing/calculating improvements to systems.

Temporary marriage; resolving the issue of both arranged marriages and more.
Add-ons: Different degrees; "living together, different bedrooms, shared meals/not sharing meals etc."

Simple: Much like current marriages only with a preset end-date and conditions arranged.

Moves in the direction of unlocking the forcible combination of ancestral lines/like forcebreeding is done to horses, just what is done to humans on less visible levels (a blockage of awareness?).

This is a continuation of some of the work I was doing pre-(essentially/similar to "kidnapping") and being drugged in 2016.
Children of divorces need different degrees of separation was my original work. I dont have the caring/love anymore - however I have a personal interest in above-mentioned deeper than existing marriage system coming to be.

Combined with GPS and surveillance/data gathering and big data this unlocks the "Romeo and Juliet scenario"; individuals of incompatible backgrounds can come to be together without leaving their background: For example corporate ties and similar - temporary relations become possible.

We also become more aware of what already exists and can work with these limitations/hindrances/enabling factors.

Twin flame system, spiritual, is highly compatible with this as well.

Gain in defeating this mob:
Unlocking building and partaking in this as well as channeling energies (resentful ones, unlocking paths, alliances, opportunities, wholesomeness, unity, relations, love/romance etc.).

Arranged marriages even when suppressed still exist; see collective formations placing people in similar environments, hindering meeting others compatible (starving) to cause relationship to come to be (food!) -- I resent this attempted done to me, multiple counts.
This unlocks temporary arranged marriages.

Combo-strike/combining to forge:
Combined with (still getting sterilized permanently (I resent plans for my sperm using my brain, enslaving me, to a designing this where I would be tricked indirectly to getting children - through my own words. Powerlessness)) temporary sterilization coming to be this can unlock further such relations (romeo and juliet like/similar) with less/without risk of children.

-- --

Second mob: Alphonses/pimps
Above mob defeated + the principle of a hired guide/selector can bring up the culture of "pimps". Rather than pimping, gets paid for/hired to select and find compatible partners and situations.

There is always a reason why a culture cannot be destroyed/ended/killed of.

Gain in defeating this mob:
Guidance in selecting love/getting to romantic relations.
Learning how to unlock resources for support and sobriety.

I decided to be a "relationship connoseur"; I recycled my "connoseurism" on certain addiction-groups into something useful. This enables this as well.

i bytte;
Kan i ikke hjælpe med at forberede et permanent langdistance forhold mellem mig og Europa, mig located i USA?
Jeg har gået og håbet på taknemmelighed i ret lang tid, men det har ikke virket så overdrevet godt.
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Dato: 13/2 2018 22:18

PS, meget af arbejdet er inspireret af en tidligere vens forældre. Også lidt i ære af hans mor I guess.

Flere lag til én ting; det er der altid.
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Dato: 14/2 2018 17:06