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Dato: 8/8 2018 15:28

Eating animals from a farm, kept in horrible situations or simply restrained from freedom of movement, means these cannot transform microbial streams efficiently.
Microbial streams, lingual structures all differ,
Excessive relations, connections, means large quantities,
Incompatabilies exist, inner conflict arises,
Hovvever living vegan, minimalist, ravv means not connecting in the same extent vvhile also existing from a deeper mutual ground.

The attachment of a label to such, even the harmful perception, can generate a flare of the state of being.
If dragged into corruption; vvhile stable is possible - failing can mean severe damage.
Thus ingesting food from a fleshfarm; even if a seemingly simple source of nourishment, all life diverts resource from sorroundings - consumed by the animals for their ability to transform/to transform.

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