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1. I dislike doing this kind of work however I could. If it was once a month, a few hours and not come to be the way it did. Overall - I enjoyed it that unique moment and I dont care to be some davinci or einstein wasting entire life thinking, designing, describing etc. as I was and is (to an extent) used for the past 6-7 years (started at Roskilde).
2. I enjoyed a meal looking and benefited from sharing some with the birds.
3. I did not want to be here and still do not - while I am here I simply give service and do the part of me.
4. I am not indicating interest in Sweden nor do I want to move there nor even visit. Its not a self-projecting in case of misreading.
5. I was and am exploited really badly in this country. Like to a point where its disgusting.

Its a method, a principle. A way to heal Zealand - the microbiological life here. Also just a core strength for an area. An alignment and bridging between civilization and nature.

Bird feeding access on daily basis would decrease need and increase quality of the self-regulation of birds living by sea catching fish. Would benefit the entire area.

Dependencies: vegan, ecological and healthy trade patterns.

Islands of trash in ocean may be partially driven by  desire for birds greater reach.
When a bird lands in water its not only risky if wings get wet. Its heavy as well; requiring energy. Requires mindfulness.
Like manmade islands floating; providing landing areas - would unlock greater reach.

In Denmark - bridging to Sweden of such landing spots would unlock both freedom and greater health in terms of microbial transformance.

Sadly I need to write this; not selfprojecting - I seek not to Sweden.

Some birds are locked to Denmark and if going by the land-bridge the route involves contact with large city area.