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Dato: 23/5 2019 12:47

The practice of being without clothing is sensible - nudism. [Microbiology on the surface of the skin, the alignment of molecules (positionment relative to absolutely everything else) at outer layers of the body, certainly pranic structures, ..] - all such are transformed, processed, altered every moment. Mutating like a human needing [excercise, right eating, energy cultivation, ..].

In a forest space, by a beach - a kind of transforming occur. During winters in the Scandinavian regions much of the transforming ceases and as such microbiology becomes "heavier" - needing transforming thus requiring more of human hosts/presence whom also need greater resource to navigate the less "smooth" environment; incompatible contact, reactions occuring etc. Thereby such as "depressions" form - [less joy, happiness, more wrongful actions, ..] etc.

The practice of nudism - temporary contact/immersement in a forest space (I cannot be credited for this awareness/point regardless of anonymity) allows for the surface of the skin and microbiology to heal.

[vegan, fairtrade, minimalist, simplistic, ecological, raw, less infrastructure-consuming, non-social domination, not involving suppression for nondisturbed work, spiritually aligned, holistic etc.] production lines does not involve the same amount of harmfully transformed microbiological stress and even can come with boosts (be wary of addiction). Thereby carry similar effect to the act of nudism - healing sorrounds of such practitioners as well as they themselves and thus lives and everything flowing from they.

While I am in too dangerous a situation to practice this currently others may find joy. Please do not try to save me by the way; I learned to despise "help" from personal experience of psychiatric abuse and being attempted/owned to this nation/area/land. This I still could write though was I enjoying life in some place aligned with me. Above is like mathematics; combining like LEGO bricks - knowledge, symbolics, stringing together where action=reaction is the case. If you think of how microscopes show you microbiology and the experience of looking through a glass like the kind that can focus sunlight - above knowing interfaces with the 5-senses and thus the survival instinct; unlocking willpower and simply living vegan as the most natural thing.

At least a cousin/grandcousin is kind of obviously an issue - I know not if I can call that acceptable still though. But I just choose to bot judge as Allah is the fairest of all judges - lest in illusion. Yet high on pills daily to be aware of how we all are like high on addiction to sacrificing seems harmful while temporary to learn might make sense.. Too heavy for me alone - yet I am certain all of Europe principally is a failure to be with: Such pride in cultures of the old ending up suppressed - going out hogging women calling for an escape from the grand incest-hell. Thus I am out of here for more reason than one - I care not to fail on a sister - whether I recycle and old trail on the way only going the opposite way instead of bringing her back here. I hope the psychiatric mess is cleaned up - its a major negative attachment fixating me and yes its used domesticatively and locks a person to a place blocking such from like travelling (ownership. Equality - also fundamentally with those other beings used as cattle). May there come to be a halal (purekilling - also relevant with plants - whether failing to fulfill this calling it halal or not) slaughterer minimalist, simplistic, compassionate towards cows, fairtrade tools, investing the money healthily etc. to a point of making a casual vegan seem a joke.