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Read this and you will find solace, peace with many people unless rationalizing. May unlock deepened vegan living with ease. It may be a bit much. It may be hard to comprehend.
Partially this is about efficiency, safety, security, strength, wisdom, healing, path ahead, alignment, feeling good about oneself, self-respect, capacity, unlockment, caring, righteousness, being worthwhile the investment, economic alignment at depth

I cann do the part of me - so can you. Much I can do to achieve the same effect as by going against/trying to force things to change in the world. Its imperfect, deal with it. I was hurt severely, am still healing, was much silenced, I feel very wronged (because I am), I am leaving as well one way or another and bonding a mutual suffering - not to return later (mutual suffering to expect or cause that) and that was finally decided now long ago.

While a prayer is good, meditation neat - the footwork certainly need be in order. Walking the talk, inviting neat presence yet not blocking the divine channel of another.

Fixated continuance
Imagine that a person is a point - perceivable as a component. Perceive a bubble around a person - a life/deeper situation or circumstance. Lets say an individual is wanted continue something; on a fixed path. Education, presence, being a place, work, producing something of value, reaching some point.

Any one point is connected to absolutely everything else directly or indirectly. As such a unique point is like hooked up to various things.

Personal experience
Dysfunctional social dynamics - damaging situation sensed painfully. Abused with various things blocking sensing the damage (pain) and remaining immersed in a harmful situation. Growing up - fixated by
things and stuck in a class these dysfunctional behaviors I perceived daily till I ended up slightly participatory. domination - applying fear to be in superiority and ease - terror in the small. Cannibalistic type harnessing/domestication in essence.
Blocked perceiving and feeling, broken with [books, gaming, entertainment, drugs, drugs, brainwashing work/devotion, studying, inability of situation and finding solution + denial while resolvement fully possible]

dysfunction of negative labeling
A label cannot be attached to a person; that is negative labeling often ending up applied domesti/silencing. Its an occurence forming that a person can be caught up in. perceive as that a person can be nearer such occurence and that such occurences can occur anywhere. Its also very important to consider the frame within manifestation occurs, difference between people (and recognize spiritual experiences and listening to pain and stuck inability to navigate by harmful fixation), effect from contact and the arrogance of perceptual range awhen people such as live the same waynd infactor such as label in occurence and how a caused situation can prove itself. These are all different branches/manifestations of baseline harmful living.

Not to apply a label without 1. Understanding the effect 2. Knowing reasons for occurence to sufficient degree - anything else is worse than abuse, apartheidism etc. The poor people are held in denial by the passive living of the broad population that in turn wants to be perceived as innocent pushing away threats culturally thus locking these in a stuck horrible situation causing harm.

(culmination of thought such as meat is good, healthy, right to eat - degrees of closeness to structuring one is consumed - same for plants and one can live breatharian (walk the talk))

Narrowminded thinking
(sacrificing addiction, denial, denial of harm from consuming work one provides or "value" produced for society by such as suppression involving blocking of cognitive functionality other thinking/cognitive processing rely on - suppressed ability affecting deeper shared functionality consumed in neural structures (illusion of thought solely occuring within brain relevant..))

(pressure + attachments + dysfunctional environment + dysfunctional intake + fixated state + ..= fragmentation and dysfunction occuring and growing)

Multiple Personality Disorder
(interconnectivity (attachments, flows, etc. + inability of unity from such as not deep enough interconnectivity = semi-separate states (I am fairly certain even if with blackouts the person experiences continually however even memory can alter thus it seem different. Do you remember everything at all times or need circumstance differ for memories or angles on these to surface..)

(interconnectivity bipolarizing - attachments incompatible forming into like groups and cyclically present)

Obsessive Cleaning Disorder
(Think of much untransformed/harmfully transformed microbiology in a home-environment - blocked by such as denial from rationalizatiom not minimalizing living vegan decreasing stress/strain and practicing feng-shui (less-issuous relative positioning making for less dysfunctional reactions microbiologically)
while adding more stress by non-eco cleaning products and killing microbial life that just regrows even worse (addictive cleaning)

Obsessive compulsive disorder
(I presume similar to Obsessive Cleaning disorder - sounds like addictive fulfillment thus fixated states and continually worsening "locked-in state - a dynamic that can be re/inversed and thus awesome capacities unlocked))

(Think of attachments constantly requiring being "tented" - focus switching between a host of things applying awareness/attention for unity and not such as fragmenting occuring (going vegan etc. eases things however being stuck in deep rationalization/denial interconnectivity this can be nearly impossible)

(irresiliency to contact; stressed
alignment, microbiological skin cultures, neurality etc. - likely a compatible host environment sensed thus lock-in grows)

(Connection to denial about harm things do - interconnectivity indicating such as greater good presence (can be a growth occuring from fulfillment of seekings stemming from voids or pressurepoints Trawhere fulfillment/release is sought like a vacuum created in oceanu. Blocked sensing of damage (pain) - denial causing one to remain in fixated circumstance not resolving things as pain indicates (typically not enslavingly yet as you know can be done (done to animals for long and as you can see done on me.. (Fundamental similarity with such and identification))

Traumatic disorder (*TSD)
(Truth stress disorder - inability to integrate truth such as conflict occuring with much of civilization due to being abused and the passive participation of such and denial blocking resolvement inn-cluding damages occuring from points in past unresolved). Inability of self and interconnectivity (thus affect on person) blocking realization of things need change and such as goodbyes even if attributable to being wrong - fixation continuing incompatible with what is the case (casual denial much an issue and dIysfunctional if attempting just distance without aware goodbyes (two-way) unconsciously - the responsibility to live "deeper" such as vegan, drugfree, minimalist, less infrastructure consumption etc. and that achieved in aligned/smooth manner or investingly - depending on the individual).

In-group dysfunction/bullying
(fixation, closed environment, accustommement to sacrificing addiction -
in-group forming sacrificing one or few in illusion that this unlocks coherence/overall is better to avoid dysfunction including in the same individuals)

Saviorism/change the world
(Inability of self-change, fixated in denial - attempting change other variables yet in a manner where more of the same keeps occuring - using others as tools to self-
fix and attemp at gaining awareness), unwillingness to change from fixated state (willingness/will fixated))

(culmination-dysfunction (sum of parts) of at least three points: 1. Fulfillment seekings denying holistics, 2. Denying incompatHible sexual interaction (not homosexuality no - that is healthy considering excess human population relative to consumption.. Not to program people to homosexual living though and sterilization is neautn, 3. 7 billion humans. sister, cousin, 2nd cousin out. 999.999 possible cousin out range renders 50.000th cousin out too closely related relatively speaking yet out of comfortzone like being able to by living vegan angrd minimalist travelling worldwide and not returning and lapsing on such point - at least the awareness important..)

Hungry ghost

(Taint - extreme wronging upon person infecting ongoingly causing hatred etc. to gain hold - harmful actions a bit like entire 1st world structuLre and kind of most of population even if not so visibly) -> locked state, conflict with parts of it all, power and control seekings, desperation and tempability -> worsening dynamical occurence - inversable

limited perceptual range and stuck while "sane"(avoiding high-risk situations however sacrificing ever-worsening and resulting denial, loss of perceptual range except "spikes" etc.))

(humancentrism culminating like with pedophilia and cannbalism - culmination points - part of sum - indicating some dysfunction)

(Culmination growth from sacrificing addiction, self-prioritization and likely for reason - egocentrism present often I think)

(Affected negatively by lacking infactoring of re)lativity and motivational/driven to things-damages dependency on being able to access things by using beings as comparison points gaining from seeming better/as useful recipient of resource with accompanying responsibility etc.)

(items passive affect and new items generating release from stress in baseline-immersed in environment generating seekings for more while overall the amount and density becomes/is major factor in baseline "void"-growth)

(sensing occurence and malattribution - repeated events generating dysfunctional dynamic. Intentional actor attributed directly instead of like I do - sense "horror-occurence" and then if I care to explore potential direct actors - requiring acknowledging absolute innocense/forgiveness etc. (convenient since the psychiatric endeavour is such a horror - culmination of much harm generating much insanity)

(Much harmfully transformed microbiology, fixated lifesituation, much wrongdoing, harm from passive way of life (past perceptual range), lack of purpose, stuckness)

(things calling for attention; major life changes - spiking of awareness/consciousness - bubble where attachments pulling while such fixated by such as many other attachments. Dangerous to not perceive difference and be in spiritual denial - such as there being several bubble layers/like backup i.e. being like towed from harmful situation of life/spiritual experience).

(nIterconnectivity essentially possessing an individual - upasic affect and inability to distance/resolve ending up in like grip which can be ever-worsening. Cultures, items, seekings etc. - can be possessed by a lack, hatred of consumption such as people affected by animal testing by moreso connection with such
as mice. As you may notice I am like possessed by civilization things, issues, impossible resolvements, unknowing what to do, suffering of countless.. . More precisely areas of and where such seekings gain hold of me. External to the universe - like a structure of water in the ocean - think of like electromagnetic systems forming walls in the water). Also by denial of spirituality or attempting forming this into religiousity - severely damaging to me.

Awareness/conscious coherency disorder (personal actual suffering of me - fixated awareness - and casual denial of that self, actions etc. is not solely aware/conscious some-thing ( being a tiny part of whom we be yet like eyes or ears can occupy much ) can stem from "I am good person!" (closeness to doctorality ignoring consumptionharm relevant) whereas like the sufferer of narcisstic occurence as channel/structuring kind of navigates living doing harm which considering the harm of the casual fixated "1st world" consumer is kind of vile). //indicating likely originating from saviorist suffering - while no reason to add to excess harmful actions.. what if consuming harmfully passively by not?)// This does not mean holiness
narcisstic growth + holiness/right-illusion is a good combination - harmful reaction..
biological insanity manifesting as lactose rejection - not the "intollerance" being the issue however indicating interconnection where rejection is prioritized.

Abusive mindset
("Are these beings even alive? - animal testing, farming and even indirect non-vegan living (forming even if subconsciously overriding casual caring dysfunction denying that beings are alive and experience - thus at best programmatic. However to remember this only a subconscious flow and overall the person maybe caring however due to such as fixation can end up unable to navigate by truth and much like if person wants to eat healthy and tries but fails can fail until some things fundamentally change))

(- such as on a high fateflow unaligned with deeper fateflows(which makes whom be insane questionable considering such as addiction to sacrificing to being sane (not going vegan from moment to moment for instance))

Negative Labeling Disorder

[U]u]Factors to life circumstance[/u]
Attachments(also through attachments) [people, through people, foods, items, logical structuring, passport (and what comes along), languages, technological patterns, names, points of repetetive return, required fulfillment, substance, cultural contact, actionpatterns, practices, maintenance of items, patterns of thought, knowledge, communicative forming from that within, microbiology, physical structuring, connection to externality to life/universe, connection to people dead yet still affected and affecting and what such do, ]
Affect [..]
Flows [habit_flows, datagrowth, fateflows/positionment, ]
Immersement [Environments [physical
[school, holiday areas, public transport, private transport, universities, places of work, religious structures, retreat centers ..],
[forum, chat, other social media, ..],
upheld_space --t "by routines"
[meditation, social contact, financial],
combinations hereof
[religions, intentional communities, households,]
dependencies [neural structures, social interactivity, travel, physical structuring, items/household, awareness to navigate, ..]

one would think it a joke but the negative labeling literally is a major part of the suffering of an individual. Socially blocked from living rightly, negative effect from label, , its racism and separationism, it creates this giving upness "I am like this, I am lost, I cannot change, must just go on like this - sinking into the vileness living harmfully ever worsening and the same for accompanying physical decline thus hospital bills - but its really not the fault of the domesticated.

Core pieces of understanding
A vira/micro mutate every moment - like a human needing [excercise, right foods, ..] microbiology mutate - not only the genes but also epigenes. If harmfully produced [plants, animals, humans, forests, organizations] are unable to transform well and thus mutate microbiology harmfully - microbiology that seeks towards being mutated and consumes hosts since the stressed (non-paid, locked, ..) could not.

Alignment - the positionment of an atom relative to everything else can be positioned healthier, better, more healingly, highest good to deeper extent etc.

Prana - think of how the very fabric of reality - like interconnection direct and indirect between atoms - can be "righter" or more wronged. Love structuring - its literally a physical thing. Prana is like this energy similarly that I do not quite fathom - its not light as in what an electric lamp or a star emits while such also are connected with prana.

Time - think of a flow of water/energy towards points of high density of a structuring of energy. Now think of an empty space -> a structuring forming -> dynamics/structuring forming ("gravity"/pushing away affect) -> a system forming -> there a costs to timeflow. I think if time as alteration - we merely experience this by a system of not only cyclical measurement. Life builds on this structuring (is something combined with time) and kind of is needed for such as decrease of costs, affect, upholding, damages of stellar structuring (think not of skinning technological structuring aigmenting solar systems to be of greater capacity and such as advanced orbital structuring flows).

Locked states - the importance of the indirect and not solely the immediately visible; how a good can be bound to an environmental locked state (and this a suffering) and looking at the picture from distance it very visibly harmful even if to a limited perceptual range seeming like right.

[Life of a factoryfarmed animal seems like a breeze, extreme damages incurred also affected continual flow outside current life (not speaking of ancestrality).
Its a poor product; enslaved by need to describe and analyze - caused suffering needing to find way out of that and yes by psychiatry ; regardless of human intentionality/direct action/awareness. Its not "for the good of the world either - yet now it is its better to share while healthy mutational trajectory of data is a requirement (like closed/open source).

Humanoid cattle and farming - householderism a layer

binding_agent="addictive substance, brainwashing at repetetive point of contact, financial inability"
generator="home/workplace/psychiatric facility/educational structure/forum/religious and other organized structures/national structures"
production="transforming of input, combination, upholding of labor, factchecking, distribution across points, bonding, product="transformed [microbiology, prana, lingual structuring, awareness, logic, knowing, experience, information, ..], data distribution, interconnection, new components, "

Random statement:
Fixationism seem addictive

Its kind of straightforward..
All can be healthy and way beyond current capacity yet fixationism comes with a productionline - its a lot of very inconvenient things Suppression of beings, consumption of bodies, exploitative interaction, loss of trustability I grow hateful/resentful from this being consumed/value gained/produced - predictably unless things change will be attempted drugged/drunk away for empathic affect to disappear. There seem be no answer: Doing right and a higher presence/God/divinity - even above will end up applied in a manner empowering addicted states and attempts at fixing it all in group or overall causing addicted states for an in-group to be gaining - immersing such in deeper addicted state to sacrificing.

A deep joy I feel slightly unsafe sharing despite relativity to likely readers
I am glad I can state that the number of bodies I consume now on a monthly basis after I set out on spiritually journeying (no return ticket) 2011 or 2010 is drastically lower; the suppression of people much lesser - however remember I here not compare. I know not if to a point where me being (while infactoring that now I am born I kinda need continue on) alive objexti speaking makes sense.

Desperate feeling
I am not a treasure or cattle - quit owning me and hindering me living ever so subliminally (I want to scream at presence/culture)
I do no longer identify with being human - while I definitely am humanoid. I know not what I am however regardless of how you will think of this terms like "gods, aliens etc." seem not make sense. I pray/worship only God/Allah/Yahweh/Krishna/Jah while I find there to be many collaborators even not on this plane where I am fundamentally equal and responsible yet inferior by far; though like dog/cat and human does different service that one another cannot. The word "human" itself creates effect to identify with and may in fact be a fixated state of being moreso than "just as it is". If I be on some angelic path I know not but if so wings seem excessive and genderanonymity better - there are airplanes and I am grateful for the genderstructuring while I hope to at some point ascend the male/female gender while I intend to enjoy soulmate/twinflame-depth relationships! (Question i would like to know; how do i indicate i am like reserved for a kind of females - in that sense married already - namely ones connection already exist with that i do not know (we all are increasingly connected to people across the planet) and i practice renounciation thus not adding to excess of attachments. Byebyes etc. reveal connection already there and allow such to surface! Its much a 1-way decision for me naturally. I dislike ownership while territoriality and administration I do appreciate).

What blocks..
Inconvenient things like discovered vilenesses occuring, unawareness, how important it is that people around one especially some live vegan whether directly so or not as the progress path (less items = less maintenance, stress etc. i.e. minimalism = veganism). We all carry part in the suffering of all and can deepen the way we do instead of pointing at others as the issue - though as you may guess conflict can occur and I am kind of stuck and caused abuse by whatever; occured by psychiatric system in this land and its not like its better elsewhere and as if I ever would be able to describe/etc. it to them; they are way to stuck in denial and I am way too negatively affected since I was essentially just hurt 2016 during US elections time. What blocks veganism - rationalization: It no issue to harm beings especially closer to one in structuring like animals - rationalization on passive harm upon many.

ways ahead
- minimalism, veganism, zerowaste, recycling, honor, living fearlessly, drugfree living, dwellerism, less infrastructure usage, cancelling out harm from what is consumed, learning from healthy social behaviors (honor, politeness etc.), fairtrade, simplicity, eloquence, compassion, repurposing, nudism, soulmate/twinflame/relationship/sexual alignment, goodbyes, making peace/amending/cancelling out conflictority, moving to aligned living location (not in "Denmark"/scandinavia and I doubt Europe for me - USA lost as a path and I know tropics to be right. Africa feels not like making sense).

- without draining impact of rightful living
- angel number system, prayer - external aid to this locked in misery without causing worse lock-in
- Embracing space in aligned manner without blocking such
- sharing yet not stupidly - not to empower like psychiatric grip by denial about it not being vegan and such vegan.