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foreword // I will not be writing books -
excess of them already - paperwaste though I judge not//

I align with the structuring flow of oceanic-on land growth, in-city forest and the following - that holistically in alignment with the purposes of life/universe etc.. The following I can share - think of it like notes from studying society: Glad I dropped out of highschool, digesting what I learned and make use of that as a layer amidst all the vileness. A person I did not really know, was introduced to without really wanting to and then goodbyed even if disrespected/attempted denied - I blame not the person but its not okay and harmed and harms me extremely though I no longer will be meeting to say goodbye to the person: That was lost - asked/sought to know why the stem of me is so strong.

perceptual structure to comprehend
cattle="human" try then component="human".
product="upholding of garden"

Now realize that what is demeaningly called "suburb" differ: There is classic forest - immersement in such something to align with. Look at areas with garden - try going for a walk. Look around and see all the trees and nature. Now try in the mind separating from the idea of "individual gardens" till you realize you are standing in the middle of a massive forest.

Logic and perceptual unlockment/correction
This forest depends on generator="household" - almost as though life/foreststructuring (a layer to that a form of biotechnology (its so much more)) is integrating this "humanoid" being: A lifestructuring aligned deeper than the universe and "nature"/"life" and indeed connected to essentially deeper civilization structuring. Think of the universe/life as a structure - a system; like a mechanical/electronic/biotech structuring - purposes abundant and all yet like a dysfunctionality-suffering human a deepening/restructuring seem right (while not by the blocked restructuring flow we see twisting it all). Likely fixation and sought continuance is a present factor.

Abuse of humans - fundamental similarity and identification with animals farmed unlockment
All this carries an upholding cost; a household kind of expensive. Perceive here that component="human" is sought - perceived necessary for upholding, expansion, growth etc. Realize then that reproduction does not actually make sense and in fact sterilization is better. For instance the upholding of the already excessive population especially so due to the upholding of the individual (fixated continuance) a major factor in blocking aligned AI development and causes rationalization on things like I kind of want to do (but not here; I was hurt too extremely - I leave. Went past a point of no return - sadly USA lost also and I am not heading to India): Buying properties non-profit and setting these up to be upheld by people hired and making these like animal-sanctuaries extending range of cats and allowing dogs freedom (vegan food minimum requirement due to sacrificing issues) - possibly making for aligned non-sufferable oon-land oceanic growth in form of a system of interchanging/moving/mobile/automated aquaria (minimum requirements need be met to do so aligned cancelling out excess) and possibly augmented with addiction recovery and recovery of people living on the streets without aligned infrastructure making real non-householder living possible. As well as allowing for people like me - the way I want to live - to dwell in areas. Enabled with angel number system as a default, aligned withcancelling out ongoing harm/sacrificing and not some insane heavenly structuring being very holy and faultfree uncriticizeable ending up unaligned and like falling on points being a low to achieve actual alignment high on a high fateflow and even if in a frame of perception doing right wrongful - seeming like some planned drama or play to look at sacrificing a bit much in the productionline seeming harmful to pay as not even paying comes for free when empowering harm whether right to or not.
Thus overall ending up blocking the gained by more component="humans" generated whereas sterilization is better - forcing either a bad thing and both male/female equally responsible (even if easier for the male on the operating table not necessarily as easy to reach) and desired children/originees (whether by society, parents wanting grandchildren etc.) is essentially like a female raping a male for sperm to reproduce (I despise hatred of males..): By the way actions not magically occuring - culture etc. driving things like rape (the individual is only part of whom we are).

On the point of human abuse and generating safety for many and some (that I hope are not participatory nor was)
Personally as you may guess attempted reproduced for continued access to component="capacity" - ending up in the bigger picture blocking such things. I even need be wary of medical re-enablement, brainwashing and a truth which is misused: Its a catch22 - only by being sterilized does surplus and situationality arise/become possible where reproduction nears being less harmful: All should be sterilized since not all will and thus humanity continues - but the fewer the better. I for instance laid of/repurpose parenting of children so I will not be adopting either and downprioritize caring about reproductive part of genitals thus can now prioritize health on other points.

Needing be wary due to denial misused and proofmise
Psychiatry is not to thank for this by the way.
1. Only once I left they was I able to reach choosing sterilization.
2. Its a logical choice - (rationalization on blocking being logical while non-wholesome logic is kind of not logical) and I would choose it: May even be I was on the path.
- Apologies - something tries to excuse psychiatry, empower psychiatric abuse and suppression of individuals, the consumption of the highly addictive drigs these feed people (remaining in situations not sensing damages or navigating by this as well as high on "artificial mindfulness" - fixated and addicted to denial being pushed misusing legal structuring as well).

A summarization
So basically this massive New Age forest depends on generators="home" and this carries an upholding cost. Like in a "old-fashioned" forest aligning with such in ways and consuming transforming rightfully the same is the case in New Age forests. Capitol areas (generator="capitol/forest/..", component="capitol/forest") can also be unlocked to be really beautiful.

personal growth
I am finally beginning to feel at peace with being of such background (New Age forests/"suburb"/etc.) even happy/.

A bit about that done to me
Being attempted owned, hindered leaving, held to environment harmful for me, tiny parts of capacity attempted harnessed at cost of much good and personal life of me, extreme citizenship damage, blocked travelling and adventuring as well as (need be aligned as in not with like sister/cousin/grandcousin/..! While few exceptions can exist where that of greater alignment) deep romantic relationships and still being so, abused, addicted, tainted, caused troubles and incompatability and conflicts with systems, blocked financial freedom, forced into situation of social benefits reliance by smart things.., damaged severely and then held in situation blocking healing, held lonely without others possibly fearful of me being around others alike, demeaned/disrespected/made seem ugly and sick and insane like painting a cow in colors making others not want it, infected of vile kinds that I still heal from, caused need to by less aligned path goodbye due to prioritization and caused necessity/desperation/urgency, caused harmful living, being used and enslaved and backstabbed severely - drained and like soulstructuring and presence fed upon by psychiatric despicability knowingly or not, caused to sink into harmful situation, perceptually damaged by attempted illusion inspired, .. (the list goes on and is increasing in size due to things flowing from points in the past and above mentioned occurences), hindering me living at aligned place-point I even wanted to long (tropical climate), stuffing me with text etc. I obviously cannot tolerate/is damaging, .. - but Allah is the fairest and only of all judges/evaluators yet I do need be safe and begin living.

... Begin living and enjoy being ..
And enjoying being without that being supposed to generate reason that I would reproduce in not wanting to bring another into this miserable existence where the temporary with lasting damages effects of being a factory farmed chicken pale in comparison. Not reproducing is not being a chicken - burdens passed on and attempting using children as tools is not okay; awarely or not "wanting kids" is a weird thing - luckily a dysfunctionality healing with vegan living and no; its not okay to even plan/flow towards causing me to relapse from vegan living in some idea I should end up reproducing. Its creepy and I am weirded out - this seeking of reproducing me whether or not brain/spirit capacity is neat and this unlockable elsewhere (neural structuring carries upholding costs of habits, foods etc. = upholding cost in bodies AND FIXATING ME TO CONTINUE SOMETHING DESIRED IS OUTRIGHT ABUSIVE. Considering the plusses the minuses may be quite grand also - even amongst animals farmed some are of greater importance to rescue/free for the sake of all (effect simply greater)).