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not okay things occuring - from many angles
People suppressed and essentially fed by psychiatric facilities - partially by the voids occuring from people jailed, drugged, silenced, abused, held in environments where they could be healthy and yet others threatened with ending up like that - hindered from dying kept "present" by pain: Massive seekings springing from this manifesting in the perceptual range of the casual humanoid biostructure as "cravings".

I learned! Sense the "dark humor"
At least what I went through 2016 during electionstime inducing massive loss of trust hereunder in education, media (like being forcefed TV - grounds laid for it), nations, psychiatry, civilization etc. generating empathic effect - taught me that what I went through was like an intensified, culminating, very visible to perceiving ability harmful circumstance and that the sorrounding society/environment is fundamentally the same. Malchanneled caring of sorts - I feel like a child abused.
Basically its harmful for me and even if I formerly could live like others ongoing damage occur including affecting others by harmful affect upon me.

Apart from the passive affect of me apparently fed on from some age - resolving energy flowing (I can imagine like milled) manifesting in sorrounds .. //something I cannot remember..//

The future as exploitation worsens is not all that pretty. While animal/human testing instead of experimental progressive curing with mistakes - the other ascertaining continuation as sought by certainty addiction despite it being counter-intuitive - existed for long (other things than substance applied medically) perceive this:

programmatic description of system
binding_agent="addictive substance"
generator="psychiatric facility"
product="knowledge, data on effect, .."
product_applicability="where its useful"
fence="financial upholding+inability/damaged ability, perceptual illusion of the many, people around one twisted into participation exploiting denial, ability to trigger return by label"
//like LEGO - so fun to play with.. as I learned very fun thing introduced to me as child feeling like ruining life - I doubt it the same for others//

scapegoating is dysfunctional
It occurs, its functionality described, not done awarely by "medical industry" - at least humans working there. I perceived the dynamic and described it though - then the "horror-occurence" can be cancelled out. Not wholesome efficiency; its weak and vile and dysfunctional.

Its important to be vegan; for beings already existing and beings of the future. Notice the programmatic description - think AI. The danger is not AI by the way; its the harnessing of such.

more personal bit
I can be a worthwhile presence somewhere I am not trodden on, disrespected, abused, hurt despite caring, addicted, exploited, manipulated, held on to, .. I thank for the good times, I forgive you and may you forgive me for wrongs I did and even as its still in motion (unknown how long will last; depends on how hindered I am and I need ascertain not returning to this vile place (for me - its amazingly beautiful for people visiting though) later - goodbye. I speak/write not Danish anymore for more than one reason. Vegan oriented ending up needing clean up from the rest of society messing up - wise to show vegans a little respect - yes I am scared but I look ahead to what the future may bring (I hope). Its as simple as I am leaving however as you may guess not simple: Partially fears of retaliation/hatred, attempts at controlling for certainty by such a tiny part of the unity of where I grew up. I do realize such accomodativity present over last couple of years (while owned and unable to leave essentially) and for the kindness I am grateful while I find to acknowledge that much/most of what flowed to me also would was I elsewhere (vegan living is liked; there is many ways to deepen veganism apart from the food aspect). However please do not misuse this. USA too late, highest good and all need be elsewhere - I feel powerconflicts etc. will be issue remain I in Europe (its cultural moreso than very visible.. regardless of how humble and I live (naturally not tinkering with tech, philosophizing or attempted "applied" like this other ways I can hope). Global world - new times.

I analyze out of need; not because I enjoy to.
Its utterly boring, miserable and as you may notice blocks me living in like cravings for resolvement set in motion/things understood.
Started when I was 15 or so - not that life was perfect before..

-- real world horror is way worse than movies --