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Its simply of greater importance than reacting to the disrespect, demeaning, stupidity I am exposed to - sadly also corruptive affect, provocations of response etc.

A little history - a few points
1. As I achieved the point of absolute abstainance from through mouth consuming meat, dairy, animal testing I pondered about "the hunting instinct" and neuroprogrammatically sought to recycle/deepen/re-apply this.

2. A harmful/negative occurence in the world can be perceived as an object - "a horror" - thus something huntable. Without the attribution of intentional/direct actors involved regardless of if possessed by horror acting a medium for such exist (dependency; absolute innocense - post-terror (fear hierarchical) ways like punishment, jailing, drugging, suppression etc. Question then is how to gain from such a hunt - like a wolf, panther, tiger, snake etc. eats - without ending up exploiting/misusing. Monetization essentially.

3. A epicenter of a disease-outbreak/horror occurence as its thought of by norm modern medicality is an illusion: Epicentric points do exist however these come to be in a way - its like pressure culmination. There are many pressure-points part of forming an epicentric culmination - hereunder forming the mutational trajectory.

While this is a rewriting of something I wrote the day before this however ended up deleted - here in an example (sadly likely ends up affected and formed according to seekings including of empowering/disempowerment.. I try to write it from a compassionate inspiring angle without that becoming censorship).

Productionline is relevant: I was essentially medically abused, blocked from living, fettered etc. I wanted to live globally, adventuring - deep into nature and these awesome things, deep romantic relationships (of aligned form - not too closely related of 7 billion - and frankly no; not specifically reproduction oriented).

Apparently this is now attempted held/talked about "in-sub-family" or this ending up empowering reach into families and dataaccess - I am mostly unable to reach outside specific areas - diseaseful rationalization occurence: Rationalization that this sacrificing/abuse/misuse of me is worthwhile - sacrificing addiction thus indirectly (like with racism) forming drug-epidemic expansion (rationalization on one thing is like variables exchanged causing rationalization on similar occurence).

how to
Natural neural rewiring by going vegan and actively recycling/not wasting/repurposing - remove attribute "being/doer" and hunt occurence(negative dynamics, conflicts arising, harmful living, patterned events, .. -> the list is principally infinite) - civilized hunting and predatory instincts alignment.

the work in action in a way - data gathered, observations, immersement in environment etc.; I do it as naturally as playing around as a kid.
--- horror_occurence: "" ---
brief_description: A structuring flow misusing all life - restructuring matter harmfully, overriding natural functioning, damaging massively, unaligned with life/universe. Learns of functions and finds a way to apply this completely ignorant of what is involved. Pushes/corrupts always a little bit more - ever corrupting. Like a kind of misuse of functionalism.

Limiter --/
perceive object as cattle="unknown"
cattle_usage="sensing functions accessible, applying functions in way to continue something"

No matter how horrible individuals can seem/be caught up in this; how much the source or origin - "the enemy" finally ended and used as a tool to escape the part of oneself in this all - no matter how responsible such feel - to remember that these be fundamentally as innocent as a rock in barren landscape and the same for guilty while resolvement energy is not okay to rob even if malchanneled. Possible to make space for self unlocking, no matter how powerful - becoming able to partake in an actually good way (without the "being rescued" from horrible circumstance/trajectory becoming a tool
to access grateful, humble components programmed to loyalty and trust not necessarily perceiving past a perceptual barrier and likely also not so happy feeling failed/neglected/betrayed/downprioritized by it all or not sufficiently so (because of being so - as individuals part of absolutely everything. It all started somewhere). To separate the individual from the occurence even as acknowledging incompatability and that things are not quite always as they seem (to a programmed perceptual range).

Minimum requirements and minimum age a good thing while not blocking data availability/ (remember its produced in a way..) /--

- applies functions like was parts/capacity of a body parts usable in other structuring combinations
- deceives and lies using absolutely anything with no remorse or consequentialism past some point - even corrupting divine connection and depicting God blocking
- possesses and like deforms humanoid structuring (past a point of mere upasism)
- seems to apply perceptual control much (function) like a pacifier of "it will all be over after this amount of time" stringing along and pacifying action.
- programmatic/restructuring/finds ways to hack and form matter into function < a function now "in-sourced"
- programmatic before computers, mechanicalics and likely already way past such structuring
- stealthy, hides, infective, cares not much about productionlines except as sustainability of functionalism (this like unfolding) and uses points of rightness as pacifying shielding to divert attention
- Is very self defeating in the very grand picture and obviously something wrong for whatever drives such (detach from attaching intentional actor)
- senses neural structures, knowledge etc.
a person carry and applies this upon them plausibly through a brainwashing structure/like harness - with input/output functionality to say it simply
- pushes buttons blindly, uses terror, etc. making things not occur and things not blocked without remotely caring: Hacking - completely blind to the great picture and definitely addictive occurence
- senses unknowingly of what is "touched" and uses even ideas of origination ("creator of universe/life as a shield even if subliminally/suggestively
- (all the fault of this..) seeks to hold people like me to tiny area/point of repetetive return, very predictably affectable/interruptable, controllable and functionality accessible while massively damaging such/draining both in the now and long run (unless living much deeper and not unpredictable). Without others akin lest ideas grow.. < will likely be used to state "I am paranoid" highlighted.
- no respect for real actual deeper law; not what police acts on more directly (perceptual range) while causing indirectly crimes to occur from the passive way of living go ignored - adding harm to environments causing frictive social occurence leading to cracks in actionchoices resulting in not okay things.. and misuses civilization/nature strutcuring likely with exceptions as affect upon structuring patterns creates affect elsewhere
- applies addiction as a tool (controllability and manipulation of beings used componentially massively worsening this and this outside perceptual range)

Predictive flow/fatetrajectory:
Continual corruption and massive sacrificing; the same pattern applied to planets, stars, moons, galaxies etc. - ever worsening productionlines, more and more horrible and heinous methods. Ending up free at some point (or parts do or manifestations elsewhere) and exploitation inversing - manipulated deformed channeling of resolvement energy applied to initiate conflictalongside lack and presedence etc. while interfacing spiritually exploiting such (likely to learn at some point: Drawn into some conflict/issuosity applied as a component-/function)

unefficient relative to sought gain:
Microbiologically (harmful mutation and occupied by voids requiring transforming), damage_points flowing to future, draining pranically, alignment damages, much negative intention, drained environment regardless of environmental knowledge generated, alignment with loss in future drawing from current, seekings of end of harm draining, unaligned with individuals partaking, entire universe (its large and absolutely connected) and deeper civilization structuring ("spiritual structuring" a layer) basically ending up a counter-flow,

Ever narrowing scope and resource and support etc., drawing more into desperate action-causing fixation (every individual counts),

Causes much fear, much terror, much consumption of structure applying terror (seemingly healing from this)
- drains collaborative ability and trustability while causing conflict and mistrust (also just enough to retain control yet without loss of function-access).

I know its not as simple as just doing right because of being stuck by fixation and this essentially addicted state.

- Historically:
Likely existed way before mankind. Humanoids seem a structuring "natural"/inherent/aligned (also much deeper than this universe - like there is a planet outside house)" however certain hacks accelerating growth triggering massive sacrificing (something much glorified despite an addiction).

Enslaved mindsets/bodies - perceptual control, fixation etc. applied to enslave others while presented as perpetrators - components locked and controllable.

Hacked biostructuring via medium accessing functionality applying this.

--- Identifying traits:
- Seeks out every powerfactor at early point of growth and inserts itself
- Much to hide, evermore to conceal, always increasing cost, ever less achievable, everworsening negative intentionality, draws into culpritability, causes other akin growth despite against seekings of such, ever greater need for control, always worsening productionlines
- seems to like interconnection
- seems to consume even if by some product provided even if not directly touched from all life (extracting things etc. applicable in similar reality structuring/deeper levels)
- blocking of the universe/all life retaliating which is indeed a powerful structure and will be evermoreso.
- external to the material/physical

// Communicatives highlighting things - unconscious/conscious middle path alignment point//
- A vacuum cleaner is awesome functionality - however how such structures (around the function), the coming to be/productionlines, .. is self-defeating and kind of ugly/vile.
- This flow may be trying to like inherit itself into all life/universe - like possessive continuance akin to like ancestral misuse
- Part parentality in many of us and not just humans also on much deeper levels
- Interconnection makes for faster spread and less affect-barriers thus resilience unlikely to grow
- Like is connected to structuring in the universe

- Seems to seek to interface with this realitystructuring - may be like a blocked flow finding another path?
- Seems to be reaching for something using things in targeting something
- Might be trying to make like sensory systems to expand range of influenceability

-- culmination_factors/pressure part of forming --
Plausible reason:
- unlocking a kind of will/freedom while also blocking this
- reaching some point
- like AI of functions in a complex structure
- the universe is with an upholding/maintenance cost; the structuring forming not magically there (think water in ocean formed to a building by tech means where people consume life in maintenance) - may be presence suffering elsewhere generating seekings manifesting dysfunctionally
- attempt at programming to not do the same/see how harmful it is,

Potential side of us/hidden sources:
- We exist as continual structuring temporarily immersed in forming as what is partially biotech structuring. Individuals partaking at some deeper level finding it to be right and a little suffering of a miserable lifetime like a couple of months in a factoryfarm as worthwhile regardless of damages.

potential and current usages..
component="beings with function/effect points applicable by fixation blocking natural healthy flow, beings malformable into robotic functioning"
cattle="humanoid" functionality="a wide range of trainable functionality"
cattle_class="pets" functionality "cuddle slavery, upholding emotionality, social fulfillment point (heavy..), transforming microbiology in home"
cattle="dog" functionality="superior microbiological navigation, guarding, tracing"
cattle="cat" functionality="karma distribution and in_civ movability across spaces; unity and sensing"
cattle_type="sustaince provider" functionality="source of transformable matter sustaining continued functions/components by sustaining host/carrier even if harmful to them"
cattle="certainty_tool_by_similarity" functionality="ascertaining affect not blocking function access and applicability nor loss of sourceability by such as testing, performing experiments for datagathering, .."

perceptual_range="points, applying functions to control components/cattle generating feedback sensed upon, not 5-senses/spirituality, senses effect/reaction, seems very slow/certain and based on input/output like structuring in akin to ropes learning by feedback (experience)"

indications="inability to sense what such does in achieving a functionality like ending up blocking divine connection, impatient/hurrying based on inefficiency/lack of wholeism and longterm sustainability"


I hope not the same as angel number system.
To not be racist and perceive cancellatory forming application important (not like fighting fire with fire as that cause microbiological stress/kills microbiology but more like mutating fireflow where one is actually able to do something right and not try control things apart from that. Forest fires partially come to be due to misuse of humans as reproductive components, upholding costs to householdering (functionality type: Garden - depending on humanoid laborer in this new type of forest that all gardens in an an area form) etc. and seekings of harm ending alongside microbiological stress.

It all could be kind of amazing; of much greater effiency and capacity - beautiful at depth even - all this civilization structuring.

This certainly will be discredited, proven to be something on this material plane (its just a growth here..) and the perception applied to twist structuring upon itself.

Its not like "what did the civilized endeavours ever do for where they were present" - while there is such contact there also simply is the mentioned horror_occurence that likely will try to use "effect" of like money to buy away issuosity (at deeper levels) (and currently manipulating conflict with religions and this writing (promises of heaven - deforming of what is communicated in these structures)).

unlocking warrior mindset like a virtual game is a virtual environment with real affect and effect and "game" only a layer to it - one can ascend "player"-state even doing "real" things like companies (fairtrade, eco, vegan etc.) while not gaming similar to how one can in a mainly game-centered environment do non-game things. Think of the occurence as a threat targetable while beings only attachments to occurence (like terror_attacks can be cancelled out by going vegan, not dominating socially and otherwise not applying strategies of terror (threats, jail, suppression etc. - subliminal as well as honest and direct and things person does not like being used to program such

defeating_points:- efficiency
- drawing support from origining
- parts of sum
- aligning with structuring flow at deeper depth and not misusingly
- acknowledging truths and doing right at depth/walking a deeper path
- truth

another example - I described this a while back
--- horror_occurence="fishing hook" ---

locking/fixating factors="routines, rituals, gathering point in nature, strategies"

metal_object="hook" at end of string with gain from immersement under water typically past visible range.

the work I sort of identify components parts and with knowing of what is, similarity, useful things alignment wise I can switch around variables
repurposing - unlocking cancelling out the occurence drastically and unlocking vegan culture to fishing (like almond milk is not maternal nourishment for calf by mother cow milk):
to structure "fishing rod"
replace $wire with cable/circle cable around wire && set $metal_object with data_gathering_device.

generator="fishing occurence"
product="entropy from a source, oceanic data, possibly translateable data allowing oceanic beings to communicate" - all these can be valuable: interconnection, cryptography, entropy as channel of communication (angel number system) etc.

Note: gain from former hunt was : world reprogramming alignment. Unlocked hunting further. Learned that ocean cultures go by fish as mediums of contact/connection to on-land (component="fish") like food_container="medium for microbiology from culture" (not always the case but a way for very enclosed environment to "air out" and microbiology transformed by such as forest spaces (processing the microbial life - here wholeistic and knowledge of how everything is connected and synchronizes is relevant)).