Hunting.. Racism and veganism


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If anyone wants to play just respect there be minimum requirements..

Starting from an originationpoint a structuringflow forms.
A birth. As an individual grows older contact to culture, being stuck in enclosed environments, harmful social contact etc. can result in a corruption of the mind. A focus on difference forms - structuring in a manner disacknowledging the similarity. Racism in other words; children are less likely to be as infected not yet progressed to worse stages thus differing people based on highlighted traits

This dysfunction can form in the consciousness or affect from subconscious points - formed like a house by maintenance, social contact, people living there i.e. what is attached to such house.

Origin_points of occurence:
- Denial of beings as fundamentally similar to humanoids in rationalization from farming these or at least respecting these by halal (like humanoid individual upon dying does not disappear nor does animal. At least kill it rightly).
- Reliance on in-group and exploitation of out-group
- Divide and conquer formings; such as seekings to end harmful consumption - sacrificing addiction involving much negative intent and intent of ended passive consuming

- Collective addiction to newborn children; unifying and non-racist presence.
- Conflicts arising focused on preservation of in-group/tiny parts of structuring flow unable to perceive the similarity thus focus resource on strengthening from this angle.

- acknowledge inability to exist rightly enough even if doing right on one or few or many points
- live vegan
- say goodbye to people, grow up, leave and live around the world (do so rightly)
- continue deepening way of life