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This suggestion is being made in English, but feel free to respond and discuss in Danish.

As I see it, whether or not it is the explicit intention of its founder and owner, vegetarkontakt.dk is a site with largely user-produced and user-driven content. It is the only site of that kind in Denmark or in the Danish language concerning vegetarianism (as a large class).

Quite a lot of information gets posted in the numerous fora here, however, its utility is limited by the fact that it resides only in the posts of yesterday, virtually undetectable in any systematic way unless the search word one might use contains the requisite precise character string. Searches are becoming increasingly slow and cannot be made with any refinement (which would also not serve very meaningfully, given the unstructured nature of the content qua paragraphs in forum posts).

How often is that we think to ourselves, where was it that so-and-so posted that cool video? Where was it that she linked to that interesting article?

Or how often is it that we see a really good YouTube video and post it to a forum but really wish that people could come across it again and again months after the thread has gone cold?

I would like to suggest that we consider creating a resource section to be populated and possibly curated by "members" of the site (= community).

Here are some of my arguments and suggested modus operandi:

The motivation behind this is (among other things):

1) To provide visitors an immediate passive repository of the answers they might be seeking. Many of the questions we get here would be best answered by the good work that has been done across the Internet.

2) Following (1), to reduce redundancy in the posts that occur regularly on fora.

3) To raise the level of knowledge and understanding among users and visitors. Particularly, it can become an expectation that visitors familiarize themselves with basic background information about vegetarianism, veganism, etc. Visitors who interact in fora on the basis of ignorance can be quickly and systematically referred to information in the resources section.

The section can also be used to quickly find references for discussions among more regular users, and provide a growing body of information for education about many things that are important to us.

Here are some ideas about how I see this implemented:

1) In order to be useful, the resource section should follow some basic taxonomical design. For example, we may consider the following sub-categories for content: Websites, blogs, videos, articles, miscellaneous. Perhaps there are more.

Under these subcategories we might consider topics, such as vegetarianism, veganism, animal rights, ecology, organic, health, activism, ethics, debate, etc.

Or we can reverse the structure, so that each topic is presented with heading for various formats: Videos, blogs, etc. Either will work, we should decide which we think serves the user best.

We should quickly agree to the limits of what kind of content is suitable.

2) I suggest that we consider a "curator" mechanism allowing users to add links to the content with a brief abstract under the subcategory and topic it belongs.

How we regulate this is up for discussion, however, I believe that it can be made to work, since it works quite well many other places around the Web.

My own suggestion is that we set-up basic criteria, which can even be detected automatically based upon how long a user has had a profile and how many posts they have made. We can allow administrators and/or moderators to upgrade users in special cases upon "application" by the user with a short description about why they should be allowed to add material.

As a curator, users may be allowed to add material to the repository and edit their own posts there. They will not be allowed to edit or delete others' posts, however, this role may be possibly assigned to "senior curators" or something like that.

Finally, here is my biggest motivation, not mentioned above: Imagine if we successfully created a vibrant portal from the conjoint, emergent activity of us all - laboring and tinkering, little by little, on creating a place where we make ourselves smarter and more prepared for debate and discussion. And most of all, we find ourselves creating a resource for curious and interested non-vegetarians that keeps them engaged with all the important information there is.

I would be glad to help with some coding (or coding suggestions), if it seems difficult.


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Dato: 13/1 2013 16:17 | Indlæg redigeret den: 13/1 2013 16:21

Tjek evt. Benjamins projekt Vegetar.nu ud:

Det kører ikke pt., men svjv. har han stadig domænet. Det var dog en regulær wiki, men jeg ved ikke helt, hvad planerne var.
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Denne bruger har i år '14 doneret penge til at holde Vegetarkontakt.dk kørende.
Dato: 13/1 2013 16:35 | Indlæg redigeret den: 13/1 2013 16:57

Ok, but the idea was that there should be a strong connection of material that arises and is used in discussions with that which is curated in a repository.

The idea was not to produce our own content (if this were produced, then it should be hosted by the author elsewhere and linked to our resources). It was to curate artifacts collated from the Internet concerning vegetarianism, etc. I hope that the difference between the two is obvious, w.r.t. the kind of non-sectarian environment for discussion and debate I wish would continue to be fostered.

Leif has a site dedicated to a strand of starchivorism, health, etc., you and others have a site dedicated to vegan activism qua the abolitionist approach. These are great resources to many. However, they are not freely user-driven and community-sourced, and it is exactly this that I have in mind.

If the community is here, it would not make sense to undermine it in any way by dividing it between two sites. Otherwise, I could just start a site of my own, which is exactly not what I want to do, since I find this to be divisive and counterproductive to grassroots developments for vegetarianism in Denmark*.

*Unless I find certain developments here to be untenable, such as heavy-handed moderation or site administration. Unfortunately, I have seen many good and important sites torn apart by heavy-handedness - take heed!
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Dato: 28/1 2013 20:00

!ja Jeg synes det er en fantastisk ide !ja